Description of the illustration translate-form-clean.png

This image shows the Translate form window. The window contains a Language drop-down field, with Spanish selected, at the top right and a Clean button next to this field.

Below these UI controls, there is a table of three columns, namely ID, Default Value, and Current Language. The ID column contains the IDs of all control labels and control fields (that take constants for input) present in the form. The Default Value column contains the default values specified for these fields. Finally, the Current Language column contains the localized strings specified in Spanish for these default values. The table contains six rows. Values in each row are as follows:
  • First row: Table - Label, Table, and Tabla.

  • Second row: Column - Label, Number, and Numero.

  • Third row: InputText1 - Label, InputText1, and Texto1.

  • Fourth row: InputText1 - Default Value, Enter a number, and Ingrese un numero.

The last two rows contain the value Unknown in the first two cells; their third cell is grayed out and contains a Delete button.