Learn About Processes

Use the Processes feature to rapidly design, automate, and manage business processes in the cloud.

There are two working environments: the design-time environment, where you develop and test applications, and the runtime environment, where you use and monitor process applications.

The design-time environment:

  • Provides business-friendly graphical tools for designing processes, forms, data, decision models, and metrics from scratch

  • Includes QuickStart Apps for fast and easy rollout of custom business applications

  • Provides test environments for refining processes before activating them for use in production

  • Lets you move process applications (metadata and data) from cloud to on-premises

The runtime environment:

  • Makes it easy for you to view, complete, reassign, and delegate tasks

  • Lets you stay organized with filters

  • Lets you share documents and collaborate with others on your team

  • Provides tools to track process flows, view detailed audit trails, troubleshoot, and fix processes

The design-time environment is also called Composer, and the runtime environment is also called Workspace. The terms design time and Composer, and runtime and Workspace are used interchangeably throughout this guide.