description of Tenant Settings

This screenshot displays the Tenant Settings panel that service administrators use to specify the General settings for the instance. The panel contains the following panes:

The Security pane contains a toggle to enable only secure applications to be create, a toggle to only allow Visual Builder users to access secure applications, a field for the URL that users who cannot access Visual Builder are redirected to, and a field for entering the message displayed when users encounter an Access Denied page.

The Allowed Origins pane contains a New Origin button to add a new address to the whitelist of addresses that are allowed to interact with Visual Builder applications, and a list of addresses that are already in the whitelist.

The Tenant Database pane contains a button to launch a wizard for specifying the Oracle DB instance that you want to use instead of the default database included when you provisioned your instance.

The Process pane contains a field for the base URL of a Processes service that is available when you provision the Enterprise edition of Oracle Integration.

The Component Exchange pane contains a field where you can enter the URL of the Component Exchange that you want to access from applications in your instance.