Workday Adapter Capabilities

The Workday Adapter enables you to create an integration with Workday in Oracle Integration.

Workday is a SAAS-based human capital management system that also supports financial management systems for organizations.

Workday can be the one system for all your organizational activities such as recruiting, payroll, finance, inventory, and so on. The Workday Public API, Reporting API, and Workday Integration platform play the major roles in integrating the Workday Adapter with third-party applications. The Workday Adapter supports all these services at a single gateway. The Workday Adapter handles complexities such as understanding different SOAP web services, presenting all modules, services, and operations, and executing reports about different Workday modules.

The Workday Adapter enables nontechnical developers to build integration solutions from Workday to other applications without dealing with complexities such as different APIs.

The Workday Adapter provides the following capabilities:

  • Supports Reports as a Service (RaaS) to use a custom report to execute and retrieve data.
  • Connects your on-premises financial system with Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) cloud.

  • Browses different Workday modules with little effort.

  • Gets the right operation with a detailed description in the user interface to assist you in building integrations rapidly.

  • Checks the reports accessible to you and selects them and exports the data from Workday.

  • Gets the data from an existing Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) integration to your financial system.

  • Exports the bulk data from Workday through the Workday Adapter. This is easy and enables you to synchronize the same data with different SaaS and on-premises applications within the same business flow.

  • Provisions from Workday to other resources of your organization.

  • Supports the latest API version to ensure that you always use the latest Workday functionality.

The Workday Adapter is one of many predefined adapters included with Oracle Integration. You can configure the Workday Adapter as a target connection in an integration in Oracle Integration.