About IoT Devices

An IoT device is any device that can connect to the internet and transmits data.

IoT enables internet connectivity to any set of physical devices that are beyond standard devices such as a desktop, laptop, mobile gadgets, or tablets. To connect to the internet, these physical devices or machines are integrated with sensors, electronic devices, or digital technology. They can also connect to each other, can transfer data, and can be remotely monitored and managed. The IoT devices can be used to automate tasks in any industry, enterprise, or a home environment.

Examples and Applications of IoT Devices

  • In a production environment of a factory, machines integrated with multiple sensors can provide real-time status of the factory shop floor.

  • In the fleet industry, vehicles have standardized on-board diagnostics (OBD) II devices that use wireless technology to transmit real-time status, location, and the health of vehicles.

  • In the construction and mining industry, assets and protection gear are tracked using sensors that communicate over radio frequencies.

  • In the agriculture industry, soil conditions can be monitored by using sensors to create optimal plans for watering and fertilizing.