Set Up Your Development Environment to use Mac OS X

Before you can develop applications using the C POSIX Client Libraries on a Mac OS X platform, you first download, install, and configure the C client software libraries and set up you Mac OS X environment.

  1. Register your device, record the password, and download the provisioning file.
  2. Open a web browser and browse to the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service client software libraries download site.
  3. Scroll to C Client Software Libraries and download the Binaries and Samples zip files from the POSIX table.
  4. Extract the contents of the Binaries and Samples zip files.
  5. Upload the humidity and temperature sensor device models to Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service. See Upload the Sample Device Models.
  6. Open a terminal window and change directories to the iotcs/csl/posix directory.
  7. Install Xcode version 8.1 or Xcode command line tools.
  8. Install HomeBrew
  9. Run this command to install openssl: brew install openssl
  10. Run this command to install doxygen: brew install doxygen
  11. Edit or create ~/.bashrc add the following lines and save the file:
    export PATH
  12. Source the ~/.bashrc file with this command: source ~/.bashrc
  13. Run this command to check that the correct version of openssl is in the path: openssl version
    The result should be OpenSSL x.x.x*, where x.x.x is the latest version number and * is a lower case letter.