Specify Devices as Third Party Partner Devices in Oracle IoT Cloud Service

You can register all devices in Oracle IoT Cloud as third party partner devices by using this REST API: POST /iot/api/v2/private/partners.

Attribute Description


Specify the name of the third party vendor.


Enter a description for the third party device.


Provide the URL of the third party dashboard.

Here is an example of how to register a device as a third party entity in Oracle IoT Cloud Service:

thirdPartyPartnerName: ACME, 
thirdPartyPartnerDescr: ACME Live Objects PTE,
thirdPartyPartnerUrl: https://acme-webportal.com,

When you specify the third party partner details using the POST /iot/api/v2/private/partners REST API, the third party device management application includes the following metadata for each device in Oracle IoT Cloud:

  • X-IOT-External-Device-ID: The ID of the device in the third party Cloud instance.

  • X-IOT-External-Device-URL: The URL of the device in the third party Cloud instance.