Activating a Batch of Registered Devices

After you’ve registered a batch of devices, you need to activate the devices before they can securely communicate with Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service.

  1. Register the devices and download the provisioning file. See Registering a Batch of Devices.
  2. Activate each of the registered devices. See Activate a Device.
  3. Verify that each of the registered devices has been activated.
    1. Open the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service Management Console.
    2. Click the Menu (Menu icon) icon adjacent to the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service title on the Management Console.
    3. Click Devices.
    4. Click Management.
    5. Locate the device in the device table or use the Property and Value fields at the top of the table to search for a specific device.
    6. Verify Activated and not Registered is displayed in the State column.