Device Virtualization

Virtualization is the act of creating a virtual (rather than physical) version of a computer application, storage device, or a computer network resource. Virtualization makes the logical server, storage, and network independent of the deployed physical infrastructure resources.

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service uses virtualization to make it easier to integrate external devices and data with Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service. Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service exposes every connected device as a set of resources called a device model. The use of device virtualization abstracts any complexity associated with device connectivity and standardizes device integration with the enterprise. With it, enterprise applications can directly address any device from Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service regardless of network protocol and firewall restrictions.

A device model is a single entity that represents the interface through which Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service can interact with a specific device type, regardless of the vendor, underlying standard, or specification that defined that device model. It can represent any object on the device side that can send messages or respond to REST requests. This object type includes devices, gateways, device adapters, and device applications. Through a device model, Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service has access to the following:

  • metadata associated with a device type

  • message formats generated by a device

  • exposed web resources that can be used to send commands

  • device capabilities, such as device software management