This illustration displays the three pillars of the Oracle IoT digital twin implementation.

The first pillar is labelled as Virtual Twin. In this pillar, two identical vehicles are displayed as devices. One vehicle is a virtual representation of the actual vehicle and it displays the following attributes: Weight, Altitude, Arm Length, RPM, Location, Vibration, Tyre Pressure, and Break Wear.

The second pillar is labelled as Predictive Twin. In this pillar, a analysis chart and the virtual vehicle are displayed. The following predictions are associated with the virtual vehicle: Arm needs preventive maintenance, Engine performance good , and 73 % probability of failure.

The third pillar is labelled as Twin Projections. In this pillar, the predictions from the previous pillar are projected on a set of business applications. The business applications are: Manufacturing, Service, Asset Monitoring, Customer Relationships, Sales, Service, Utility, health care, and retail.