About Oracle IoT Cloud Service

The Internet of Things integrates different technologies such as mobile, cloud, big data, and analytics, and connects everyday objects to each other and to the Internet.

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service simplifies IoT so you can rapidly assimilate IoT into your digital strategy and create innovative services with less risk. The integration with your existing applications and processes is key to a successful IoT strategy. Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service makes this integration easy and efficient.

Managing and analyzing the enormous amount of real-time data generated by all the IoT-connected devices demands a multi-faceted, yet robust IoT solution. Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service provides you real-time analysis tools that let you correlate, aggregate, and filter incoming data streams. It also provides you built in integrations that allow the automatic synchronization of data streams with Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service.

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service enables secure and reliable bidirectional communication between IoT devices and the cloud. The devices can connect to the cloud directly, or indirectly through a gateway. Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service assigns a unique digital identity to each device to establish trust relationships among devices and applications. It also enforces authentication and authorization for end-to-end communication security and to ensure proof of origin of data. It uses a cross-protocol functionality that lets you directly address any device connected to the cloud, regardless of network protocol and firewall restrictions. It is also provides reliable communication between the cloud and your devices, even over unreliable networks or with devices that connect intermittently.

You can access Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service data and functions from your enterprise applications by using REST APIs. You can also use REST APIs to securely integrate your connected devices with your enterprise applications.