Typical Workflow for Developing Enterprise Applications That Use Oracle IoT Cloud Service

You can create enterprise applications to query for device data and send commands to your devices that are registered with Oracle IoT Cloud Service.

Use the following table of tasks as a guide when you’re developing applications to use with Oracle IoT Cloud Service.
Task Description More Information

Register your enterprise application with Oracle IoT Cloud Service.

You must obtain an application ID and shared secret to obtain an access token to use in your enterprise application.

Integrating Enterprise Applications with Oracle IoT Cloud Service

Obtain access token.

Using the application ID and shared secret you received when you registered your enterprise application, use the POST /iot/api/v1/oauth2/token REST API call in your enterprise application to obtain the access token to use during your application’s session.

REST API Reference for Oracle IoT Cloud Service.

Set up a web listener in your enterprise application.

In order for your enterprise application to be able to receive data stream, it must have a web listener that is accessible from Oracle IoT Cloud Service.

Receive Incoming Data From Oracle IoT Cloud Service

Perform REST API calls within your enterprise application.

Available REST APIs allow you to remotely execute service administration functions, such as querying device data and metadata, or send commands to devices.

REST API for Oracle IoT Cloud Service