Access the Contents of a Backup

Extract the contents of an existing backup for an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance.

In general, Oracle Java Cloud Service backups are encrypted and not accessible offline. But if you need to access specific files within a backup, Oracle Java Cloud Service can download, decrypt, and extract the backup to your Administration Server node.

You must use the Oracle Java Cloud Service REST API or CLI to extract the contents of a backup. See Restore a Service Instance in REST API for Oracle Java Cloud Service.

In the request body, set unpackAndDecryptOnly to true. For example:

    "backupId": "086b01a7-9e80-4292-a2d5-1aa78e7265d7"
    "unpackAndDecryptOnly": "true"

Locate the required files on the Administration Server node under /u01/data/backup/work, and move them to a different location. Subsequent backup and restore operations will remove any existing files under /u01/data/backup/work.

If you select an incremental backup, it contains only the files that have been modified since the most recent full backup operation. In order to find a specific file or to obtain the complete contents of a specific directory, you might need to extract the full backup as well.