Configure a Custom URL for the Sample Application

Update the link that’s used in the Oracle Java Cloud Service console to provide access to the sample application for a service instance.

If you specified a custom Weblogic Cluster Path Prefix for the first cluster in a service instance, then the Open Sample Application link in the Oracle Java Cloud Service console will not work until you update the service instance. For example, if you set the cluster path prefix to /mycluster when you created a service instance, then update the service instance and set the sample application URL to https://public_ip:port/mycluster/sample-app.

This operation is available only from the Oracle Java Cloud Service REST API.

  1. Log into the WebLogic Server Administration Console for your service instance.
  2. Click Lock & Edit.
  3. Click Deployments.
  4. Click sample-app.
  5. Click the Configuration tab.
  6. Update the Context Root.





  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Activate Changes.
  9. Use the REST API to update the sample application URL for the Oracle Java Cloud Service console.
    See Update a Service Instance Configuration in REST API for Oracle Java Cloud Service.

    A sample payload is shown below:

       "SAMPLE_ROOT" : ""