Deploy an Application to an Oracle Java Cloud Service Instance with Multiple Clusters

If you created an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance with multiple clusters, your application might require additional configuration prior to deployment.

When you create a service instance with multiple clusters, you can provide a path prefix for each cluster, such as /mycluster. By default, the default prefix for the first cluster is /, and the default prefix for each additional cluster is the name of the cluster. Oracle Java Cloud Service provisions an Oracle-managed load balancer and configures the load balancer to route traffic to each cluster based on the path prefix.

If you want to deploy an application to a cluster whose path prefix is not /, you must update the application's deployment descriptors.

  1. Edit the WEB-INF/weblogic.xml file for the application.
  2. Update the value of the context-root element. Insert the path prefix of the target cluster to the front of the existing path.
    For example: /mycluster/myapp

Deploy or redeploy the application, and target it to the desired cluster. When you access the application, include the cluster path prefix. For example: