C Effect of Lifecycle and Administration Operations on Billing

Not Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic does not apply to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

Some of the administration and lifecycle operations that you run for an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance affect the billing for the infrastructure resources that the instance uses.

The following table summarizes the effect that each administration and lifecycle operation has on billing. The first column lists the operations. The other columns show the effect of a given operation on the billing for a specific infrastructure resource.

  • Down: After the operation is completed, billing for the resource will decrease or stop.

  • Up: Billing for the resource will start, resume, or increase after the operation is completed.

  • No effect: The operation has no effect on billing for that resource.

Operation OCPUs Block Storage Object Storage
Create an instance Up Up No effect
Delete the instance Down Down DownFoot 1
Stop the instance Down No effect No effect
Start the instance Up No effect No effect
Restart the instance No effect No effect No effect
Stop a node Down No effect No effect
Scale out a cluster Up Up No effect
Scale in a cluster Down Down No effect
Scale up a node Up No effect No effect
Scale down a node Down No effect No effect
Add block storage No effect Up No effect
Take a backup No effect No effect Up
Take a colocated snapshot No effect Up No effect
Add Oracle Traffic Director as the load balancer Up Up No effect
Add an Oracle Traffic Director node Up Up No effect
Remove an Oracle Traffic Director node Down Down No effect

Footnote 1 When using the REST API, if you opt for automatic backup of the instance before deletion, then that final backup will be retained in object storage.