Import Applications into a Service Instance

Only Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic applies only to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

After creating an AppToCloud service instance in Oracle Java Cloud Service, perform an import to automatically update the service instance with the applications and other domain resources collected from your on-premises environment.


It is strongly recommended that you back up your service instance prior to performing an import. If the import fails, you will be able to restore the service instance to a known working state.
  1. Access the Oracle Java Cloud Service console.
  2. Locate the AppToCloud service instance that you created previously. Click the Menu icon Menu icon adjacent to the service instance name and select AppToCloud Import.
  3. When prompted for confirmation, click OK.
  4. Click the Activity tab.
  5. Monitor the progress of the import operation.
  6. If the import process fails, you can try running it again:
    1. Return to the Services tab.
    2. Click the Menu icon Menu icon adjacent to the service instance name and select Retry AppToCloud Import.

      The Service Details page is displayed.

    3. Click the Show Error Details link for more information on the cause of the failure.
    4. If there was a problem validating a specific domain resource during the precheck phase, the offending resource will be highlighted (an Application Data Source, for example). Select this resource and either modify its configuration or choose the Bypass Precheck option.
    5. Click Submit.

After a successful import, the applications and other domain resources found in your source domain are deployed to your service instance. You can verify these changes by using one of the administration consoles.

If the output of the Export tool listed any features in your source domain that are not yet implemented in AppToCloud, you can manually configure these features in your service instance.