Install the On-Premises AppToCloud Tools

Only Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic applies only to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

Download and extract the AppToCloud archive to the machine hosting the Administration Server of the domain that you want to export.
  1. Access the Oracle Java Cloud Service console.
  2. Click your user icon at the top right of the console, select Help, and then select Download Center.
  3. Click the download icon for AppToCloud.
  4. Upload the file to the machine running the domain’s Administration Server.
  5. If necessary, create a destination directory for the AppToCloud tools.

    For example:

    Linux: mkdir /u01/tools

    Windows: mkdir c:\u01\tools

  6. Use an archive tool to extract to your destination directory.

    For example:

    Linux: unzip -d /u01/tools

    Windows: From Windows Explorer, right-click, select Extract All, and then enter c:\u01\tools.

  7. Verify that the file oracle_jcs_app2cloud/bin/ or oracle_jcs_app2cloud/bin/a2c-healthcheck.cmd exists in your destination directory.

    For example: /u01/tools/oracle_jcs_app2cloud/bin/