Migrate an Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud for Oracle Java Cloud Service

Only Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic applies only to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

Migrate your on-premises Oracle Databases to Oracle Cloud using Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service.

An Oracle Java Cloud Service instance requires an existing database to host the Oracle Fusion Middleware schema. This schema is provisioned automatically when you create a new service instance. Supported services for the infrastructure database schema include Oracle Database Cloud Service.

Your Java applications likely use additional on-premises databases. Oracle recommends that you migrate these application databases to Oracle Cloud as well. When you create an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance with AppToCloud you can associate each of your existing Oracle WebLogic Server data sources with a database running in Oracle Database Cloud Service.

To migrate your application databases to Oracle Database Cloud Service:
  1. Take backups of your on-premises databases with Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service.

  2. Create Oracle Database Cloud Service deployments from these backups.

To get started, see Creating a Database Deployment Using a Cloud Backup in Using Oracle Database Cloud Service.