About Oracle Coherence in Oracle Java Cloud Service

Use Oracle Coherence in your Oracle Java Cloud Service instances in order to provide your applications with an in-memory data grid and caching solution.


An Oracle Java Cloud Service instance that has been provisioned with Oracle Coherence is also referred to as an Oracle Java Cloud Service—Coherence instance.

Oracle Coherence is a fault-tolerant, in-memory data management solution that enables Java EE applications to predictably scale by providing fast, reliable, and scalable access to frequently used data. Coherence applications are packaged and deployed to Oracle WebLogic Server 12c as Grid Archive (GAR) files, in much the same way as other Java EE modules.

A Coherence data grid is only available to Oracle Java Cloud Service instances that are running High Performance Edition. The setup and administration tasks for this data grid also depend on the software release on which the service instance is running:

  • Oracle WebLogic Server 12c ( or later) - Use Oracle Java Cloud Service to automatically provision, scale and manage your Coherence data grid. Oracle WebLogic Server 12c ( is supported on Oracle Cloud at Customer only.

  • Oracle WebLogic Server 11g - You must manually configure and start Coherence processes on your service instance after creating it, by accessing the nodes that comprise your service instance.

When you use Oracle Java Cloud Service to provision a data grid in a 12c service instance, the following infrastructure is added to the service instance:

  • A second WebLogic Server cluster is provisioned and configured as a Coherence data grid. This cluster consists of one or more storage-enabled Managed Servers, and is provisioned on one or more nodes. The data tier cluster is created in the same WebLogic Server domain as the application tier cluster that's used for running your Java EE applications. By default, the data tier cluster name is generated from the first eight characters of the service instance name using the following format: first8charsOfServiceInstanceName_DGCluster.

  • A Coherence Cluster is configured in the WebLogic Server domain. The default name is DataGridConfig.

  • Both the storage-enabled Coherence data tier cluster and the storage-disabled application tier cluster are associated with the Coherence Cluster. These two clusters are scaled independently of one another.

The following illustration shows a typical deployment topology for an Oracle Java Cloud Service—Coherence instance. The example uses a cluster of two Managed Servers for the application tier (storage-disabled), and a cluster of three Managed Servers for the Coherence data tier (storage-enabled):

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