Prerequisites for Using AppToCloud

Only Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic applies only to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

Your on-premises WebLogic Server environment and your Oracle Java Cloud Service environment must meet certain prerequisites in order to use the Oracle AppToCloud tools.

Source WebLogic Server Domain

Only Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic applies only to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

Verify that your source domain meets the following requirements.
  • The domain must be Oracle WebLogic Server version 10.3.3 or later.


    An Oracle Java Cloud Service created with AppToCloud will always be provisioned with Oracle WebLogic Server 12c, even if your source domain is running 11g.
  • All servers in the domain should be running and in a healthy state.

    The AppToCloud Export tool will fail if the Health Check tool is unable to connect to a server.

  • The domain configuration must not be locked or have an active edit session.

  • The domain cannot be based on a template that uses Java Required Files (JRF). This includes domains running Oracle Fusion Middleware products. The Restricted JRF template is supported, however.


    While the source domain cannot be JRF-enabled, all Oracle Java Cloud Service instances are JRF-enabled.
  • The domain must not include any domain partitions.

  • If the domain contains multiple managed servers and no clusters, the same resources and applications must be targeted to all of the managed servers. The Export tool prompts the user to add the managed servers to a new cluster in the exported domain configuration.

  • Any Java EE applications to export must be in the active deployment state. They cannot be in the admin state.

  • All files and directories to export must be accessible from the file system of the Administration Server, including:

    • Java EE applications

    • Deployment plans

    • Additions to the server CLASSPATH

    • Contents of DOMAIN_HOME/lib

Destination Oracle Java Cloud Service

Only Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic applies only to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

Perform prerequisite tasks in Oracle Cloud to support migration.

Perform all required tasks described in the topic Before You Begin with Oracle Java Cloud Service. You do not need to create an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance prior to performing the migration process.

The AppToCloud tools can create a storage container for you in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic in which to store the generated AppToCloud artifacts. You can use the same storage container for both AppToCloud and service instance backups, or create separate containers. Alternatively, if you prefer to manually create a storage container, see Creating Containers in Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic.


AppToCloud does not currently support Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage buckets. You must use an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic container.

If your source domain contains multiple clusters, AppToCloud can add all of these clusters to a single Oracle Java Cloud Service instance, but only if both of these conditions are true:

  • The service instance is created in an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic region.

  • Your Oracle Cloud account includes Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

Alternatively, AppToCloud can export a specific cluster from your source domain.