Problems with a Database Deployment

Problem related to the database deployment used by Oracle Java Cloud Service can occur.

Creating an opss datasource fails

An attempt to create an opss datasource can fail because the database deployment’s opss user account is locked.

To unlock the opss user account:

  1. Log in to the database deployment’s VM by using the private key.

    ssh -i private-key opc@ip-address-of-db-vm
  2. Change to user oracle.

    cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin
  3. Start sqlplus.

  4. Log in using the system user, and enter the password.

    Enter user-name: system
    Enter password: system_user_password
  5. Unlock the account.

    ALTER USER schema_prefix_opss ACCOUNT UNLOCK;
  6. Change the password.

    ALTER USER schema_prefix_opss INDENTIFIED BY new_password;
  7. Exit sqlplus.