Problems with Transparent Data Encryption Wallet Error when Provisioning an Oracle Java Cloud Service-Virtual Image Instance with Oracle Database Cloud Service 11g Virtual Image

A Transparent Data Encryption wallet error can occur when you attempt to provision an Oracle Java Cloud Service VI instance with Oracle Database Cloud Service 11g VI.

The error message you receive is:

Transparent Data Encryption wallet is not open. Please open the wallet and try again.
To configure the Transparent Data Encryption wallet:
  1. Create a keystore.
    1. Edit the ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/sqlnet.ora file, and add the following entry.
      (DIRECTORY = <wallet directory>/$ORACLE_SID/encryption_keystore/)
    2. Create the directory to hold the keystore.
      $mkdir -p <wallet directory>/$ORACLE_SID/encryption_keystore 
    3. Run sql and enter the following command:
      SQL > alter system set encryption key identified by "<password>";
  2. Use orapki to create an autologin wallet.
    orapki wallet create -wallet <wallet directory>/$ORACLE_SID/encryption_keystore/  -auto_login
  3. Continue to provision the Oracle Java Cloud Service VI service.