Recreate On-Premises Domain Resources

Only Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic applies only to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

Some Oracle WebLogic Server features are not currently supported by the AppToCloud infrastructure. These features must be configured manually after provisioning your Oracle Java Cloud Service instance.

When you run the Export tool to capture an existing domain, the output and activity log from the tool includes messages about features that it detected in your domain but which cannot be automatically provisioned when you create a service instance. The features that are not yet implemented by AppToCloud include:

  • Custom users, groups, roles and policies in the security realm

  • Keystores

  • Coherence clusters

  • Custom WebLogic Diagnostics Framework (WLDF) modules and policies

To recreate domain resources in a new service instance:

  1. Use the activity log file or report file generated by the Export tool to identify features that you must configure manually:
    Activity Log for EXPORT
    . . .
    Features Not Yet Implemented Messages
    Any messages about features not yet supported by the export tool
  2. Access the Oracle Java Cloud Service console.
  3. Click Manage this instance Menu icon for the desired service instance and select Open WebLogic Server Administration Console.
  4. When the console login page appears, enter the WebLogic Server username and password you provided when you created the service instance.
  5. Recreate any custom users, groups, roles and policies in the security realm.

    Refer to one of the following topics:

  6. Reconfigure any keystores.

    Refer to one of the following topics:


    Do not create or modify keystore files in MW_HOME. Any changes you make to this location may be lost when you perform management operations on your Oracle Java Cloud Service instance like applying a patch.
  7. Recreate any Coherence clusters.

    Refer to one of the following topics:

  8. Recreate any custom WLDF modules and policies.

    Refer to one of the following topics:

  9. Thoroughly test the applications running on your service instance to ensure they function the same as they did on premises.
You have completed theAppToCloud process and successfully migrated your on-premises applications to Oracle Java Cloud Service.