Relocate Oracle Java Cloud Service to a Different Identity Domain

Not Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic does not apply to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

An Oracle Cloud account administrator has the ability to move your Oracle Java Cloud Service entitlement to another identity domain in the same account.

When you activate an order in Oracle Cloud, services in the order are typically activated in a default identity domain within the account. If necessary you can relocate Oracle Java Cloud Service from one identity domain to another. However, you must delete any existing service instances prior to relocating the service.

See Relocating a Service Entitlement to Another Identity Domain in Managing and Monitoring Oracle Cloud.

During the relocation process, the service administrator will be added to the target identity domain but other Oracle Cloud users and administrators will not. The identity domain administrator will need to create any other users and administrators in the target identity domain, and to assign them the appropriate roles. If applicable, the bulk user import and role assignment features can be used for this task. See Managing Users and Roles in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.