Remove a Load Balancer Node from a Service Instance

An Oracle Java Cloud Service instance can include zero, one, or two load balancer nodes. When you no longer need two load balancer nodes, you can remove the second node.


This procedure applies only to service instances that include a user-managed load balancer (Oracle Traffic Director). You can’t use Oracle Java Cloud Service to remove an Oracle-managed load balancer (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Load Balancing or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Load Balancing Classic) from an existing service instance.

To remove the second load balancer node:

  1. Navigate to the Overview page for the instance for which you want to remove a load balancer node.
  2. Expand the Oracle Load Balancer section of the Overview page.
  3. Click Manage this node Menu icon next to the second load balancer node, and select Remove Node.
    The Remove Node dialog box is displayed.
  4. Click Remove Node.

The Overview page is updated to show that the load balancer node is being removed.

While the node is being removed, the service instance is in maintenance status, and you cannot start any other management operation on the instance.