About Scaling an Oracle Java Cloud Service Instance

You can scale Oracle Java Cloud Service instance by scaling a cluster or a node. You cannot add a second data grid cluster.

Determine what you need to scale from metrics associated with the service instance. For example, if response times are long, consider scaling out the cluster. Or if memory usage is high, consider scaling up the nodes in the cluster.

You cannot scale a service instance if the service instance is under maintenance, such as during patching or backup.


If you have a non-metered subscription rate and attempt to use capacity above this rate (called "bursting"), you will shift to the "Pay as You Go" model and be charged per hour and billed monthly in arrears for the increased capacity. Pricing for the increased capacity is based on the current per hour list price for the service, which you can find on the Pricing tab at http://cloud.oracle.com/<your-service>. Your total capacity (subscription rate plus "bursting") will not exceed two times (2x) your subscription rate. For example, if you purchased a subscription that allows 4 OCPUs per month, your bursting would be capped at a total of 8 OCPUs for that service.