Switch Users on a Node

After connecting to an Oracle Java Cloud Service node, you can change operating system (OS) users in order to perform specific administration tasks.

By default, you must connect to a node only as the opc user. This user has root privileges on the OS running in the node. For example, opc can be used to create other OS users on a node. Simply prefix root operations with the sudo command. For example:

sudo useradd myuser


There is no default password for the opc user.

Switch to the Oracle User

The oracle user has regular OS user permissions. It is intended to be used to start and stop Oracle products that have been installed on the node, or to run other Oracle applications and utilities on the node.

Type the following to become the oracle user:

sudo su - oracle


There is no default password for the oracle user.

Switch to the Root User

An alternative to using the sudo command to perform root OS operations with the opc user is to switch to the root user.

Type the following to become the root user:

sudo -s


Avoid using the root user except to perform privileged OS administration tasks.