View Scaling Requests

Check the status of ongoing scaling requests for an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance, and the success or failure of previous requests.


The initial scale-out activity for an Oracle Java Cloud Service—Coherence instance is the initial request to add Managed Servers for the Coherence data tier when the service instance was first created.

To view ongoing or past scaling requests:

  1. Navigate to the Administration or Overview pages for the specific service.
  2. Click the service menu (Menu icon) at the top of the page and select View Activity.
    The Activity page of the Platform Services Console opens.
  3. In the Search Activity Log panel, enter the necessary search criteria:
    Option Description
    Start Time Range The date and time range within which you want to see scaling activity.
    Operation Status The status of the scaling activity you want to view. This option will filter out all scaling activity not in this status. To see all status, select All.
    Service Name The name of the service instance for which you want to see scaling activity.
    Service Type This should be Java Cloud Service.
    Operation The operation for which you want to see activity. In the case of scaling, select any or all of these options:
    • Scale Application

    • Scale In

    • Scale Out

    • Scale Up/Down

  4. Click Search.
    All scaling activity that meets the search criteria appears in the results table. The Operation Status column will indicate whether the scaling operation succeeded or failed. To see more details about a specific operation, expand the row by clicking the Expand button in the first column.