Obtain Account Information

Obtain the appropriate sign-in credentials that allow you to access Oracle Java Cloud Service to create and manage service instances using the REST API.

To access Oracle Java Cloud Service, you will need:

  • User name and password

  • Identity domain ID

    If your administrator has changed the identity domain ID to a user-friendly name, you must still specify the identity domain ID when using the REST API. For example, if the original identity domain name was MyIdentityDomain54321 and it was changed to MyIdentityDomain, you must use MyIdentityDomain54321 in the REST endpoints.

    For a Cloud account with Identity Cloud Service: The identity domain ID is the Identity Cloud Service tenant name, which has the form idcs-string-of-letters-and-numbers (for example, idcs-98888f7964454b658ac6d2f625b29030). Upon accessing the Oracle Identity Cloud Service Console in a browser, you can find this ID in the URL. You can also find this ID when you sign in to your Oracle Cloud account, navigate to Identity and then the Federation page.

    For a Cloud account that supports multiple identity domains in Identity Cloud Service: This is the primary identity domain. By default service instances are created in your primary identity domain unless you use identityStripe to specify a secondary identity domain when provisioning a Java Cloud Service instance.

Get your sign-in credentials from the account creation e-mail that you received from Oracle Cloud. The email contains the identity domain ID, user name, and password for your Oracle Java Cloud Service account. If you do not have this information, contact your Oracle Cloud Account administrator.