Delete the Oracle-Managed Load Balancer



Removes the Oracle-managed load balancer from the specified Oracle Java Cloud Service instance.

The Oracle-managed load balancer is an instance of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Load Balancing that is automatically created and configured for you when the service instance is created with either configureLoadBalancer or useIdentityService set to true.

Note: If the sample application is deployed, the Open Sample Application URL on the Oracle Java Cloud Service Console will no longer work after you remove the Oracle-managed load balancer from the instance. You can change the sample application URL to use the IP address of the WebLogic Administration Server or the IP address of an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Load Balancing instance you have created and configured yourself. See Update a Service Instance Configuration.


Supported Media Types
Path Parameters
Header Parameters
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Supported Media Types

202 Response

Accepted. The Location header returns a URI that can be used to view the job status. See View the Status of an Operation by Job Id.
Body ()
Root Schema : accepted-responsem
Type: object
The response body contains information about the operation. It can include an issues array for warning messages.
Show Source
Nested Schema : details
Type: object
Groups details of the operation.
Show Source
Nested Schema : issues
Type: array
Groups strings of warning messages, if any.
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The following example shows how to remove the Oracle-managed load balancer by submitting a DELETE request on the REST resource using cURL.

Note: The command in the example uses the URL structure https://rest_server_url/resource-path, where rest_server_url is the REST server to contact for your identity domain (or Cloud Account). See Send Requests.

cURL Command

curl -i -X DELETE -u username:password -H "X-ID-TENANT-NAME:ExampleIdentityDomain" https://rest_server_url/paas/api/v1.1/instancemgmt/ExampleIdentityDomain/services/jaas/instances/ExampleInstance/loadbalancer/public

Example of Response Header

The following shows an example of the response header.

HTTP/1.1 202 Accepted
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2019 18:34:11 GMT
Location: https://rest_server_url/paas/api/v1.1/activitylog/ExampleIdentityDomain/job/30452
Content-Length: 139
Content-Type: application/
Service-URI: https://rest_server_url/paas/api/v1.1/instancemgmt/ExampleIdentityDomain/services/jaas/instances/ExampleInstance
Retry-After: 60

Example of Response Body

The following shows an example of the response body in JSON format.

      "message": "Submitted job to delete load balancer for service [ExampleInstance] in domain [ExampleIdentityDomain].",
      "jobId": "30452"
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