psm analytics precheck-patch

Use this command before patching a service created with Oracle Analytics Cloud - Classic so you can identify potential issues that might prevent the specified patch from completing successfully.

Patching precheck reports on the following conditions:
  • Disk space shortage.

  • Database connectivity failure.

  • Server access failure.

  • Storage access failure.

Prechecks don’t check whether another administration task (backup, restoration, or scaling) is in progress, although these also prevent patching.


In the following syntax, line breaks have been added for clarity. Don’t include them when entering the command.

psm analytics precheck-patch -s|--service-name serviceName 
  -p|--patch-id patchId 
    [-of|--output-format json|html|short]  


All parameters are required unless otherwise noted.

Parameter Description
-s|--service-name Specifies the name of the service.
-p|--patch-id Patch ID for the patch that requires to have a precheck done.
-of|-–output-format (Optional) Desired output format.

Accepted values: json, html, short


$ psm analytics precheck-patch -s Example1Service -p Test_Patch_12. 
        "message":"Analytics-PATCHING-5227: Pre-Checking service for patch [Test_Patch_12.] is submitted as an asynchronous job."
Job ID : 34177

Note that this command returned a job ID. To see the status of your precheck-patch operation, use this ID with the psm analytics operation-status command:

$ psm analytics operation-status -j 34177

When you see the message:


the patch precheck is complete.