psm analytics scale-out

Scale out an Oracle Analytics Cloud - Classic cluster by adding new nodes.


In the following syntax, line breaks have been added for clarity. Do not include them when entering the command.

psm analytics scale-out -s|--service-name serviceName 
  -c|--config-payload pathToJson 
    [-of|-–output-format json|html|short]
    [-wc, --wait-until-complete <value>]


All parameters are required unless otherwise noted.

Parameter Description
-s|--service-name serviceName Name of the service.
-c|--config-payload pathToJson Path to the JSON file containing payload for this command.
-of|-–output-format json|html|short (Optional) Output format of the command’s response:
  • json—output is formatted as a JSON array.

  • html—output is formatted as HTML

  • short—output is formatted as a brief summary.

The default output format is the one you specified when using the psm setup command to configure the psm CLI.

-wc, --wait-until-complete <value> (Optional) Wait until the command is complete. Valid values are [true, false]. The default value is false.

Sample Payload

Required properties are indicated as "required". Replace with real values in the actual payload.


For example,

      "BI": {


psm analytics scale-out -s MyAnalyticsCloudClassicService -c c://home/templates/scale-out-payload.json  -of json
        "message":"ANALYTICS-SCALING-037: Scale out Job (ID: 34196) for service [MyAnalyticsCloudClassicService] in cluster [Examp_cluster] submitted"
Job ID : 34196

Note that this command returned a job ID. To see the status of your scale-out operation, use this ID with the psm analytics operation-status command:

$ psm analytics operation-status -j 34196 -of json

When you see the message:


the service was successfully scaled-out.