psm dbcs scale-down

Scale down the shape (OCPUs and memory) of an Oracle Database Cloud Service instance.


In the following syntax, line breaks have been added for clarity. Do not include them when entering the command.

psm dbcs scale-down -s|--service-name instance-name
  -p|--shape shape-name
  [-of|--output-format json|html|short]


Parameter Description

-s|--service-name instance-name

Specifies the name of the Database Cloud Service instance you want to scale down.

-p|--shape shape-name

Specifies the shape to scale down to.

Valid values for shape-name are as follows:

  • oc3 — 1 OCPU with 7.5 GB RAM

  • oc4 — 2 OCPUs with 15 GB RAM

  • oc5 — 4 OCPUs with 30 GB RAM

  • oc6 — 8 OCPUs with 60 GB RAM

  • oc7 — 16 OCPUs with 120 GB RAM

  • oc1m — 1 OCPU with 15 GB RAM

  • oc2m — 2 OCPUs with 30 GB RAM

  • oc3m — 4 OCPUs with 60 GB RAM

  • oc4m — 8 OCPUs with 120 GB RAM

-of|--output-format json|html|short

(Optional) Specifies the output format of the command’s response:

  • json—output is formatted as a JSON array.

  • html—output is formatted as HTML

  • short—output is formatted as a brief summary.

The default output format is the one you specified when using the psm setup command to configure the psm CLI.


The following example scales down the db12c-eeep Database Cloud Service instance to the oc3 shape.

$ psm dbcs scale-down --service-name db12c-eeep --shape oc3
Job ID : 553968

Here is the information about job 553968 upon successful completion of the operation:

$ psm dbcs operation-status --job-id 553968
            "message":"Activity Submitted"
            "message":"Activity Started"
            "message":"Update of Database Service VM successful..."
            "message":"Started Virtual Machine vm-1..."
            "message":"SSH access to VM [DB_1/vm-1] succeeded..."
            "message":"Activity Ended"