psm dhcs view-backup-config

List the backup configuration parameters of an Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service cluster.


In the following syntax, line breaks have been added for clarity. Do not include them when entering the command.

psm dhcs view-backup-config -s|--service-name cluster-name
	[-of|--output-format json|html|short]


Parameter Description

-s|--service-name cluster-name

Specifies the name of the Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service cluster.

-of|--output-format short|json|html

(Optional) Specifies the output format of the command’s response:

  • short— output is formatted as a brief summary.

  • json— output is formatted as a JSON array.

  • html— output is formatted as HTML

The default output format is the one you specified when using the psm setup command to configure the psm CLI.


The following example lists the backup configuration of the cluster1 cluster.

$ psm dhcs view-backup-config --service-name cluster1
    "defaultRetention":"30 days",