Downloading the CLI by Using the REST API

Use a REST API to download the CLI as an archive from the Oracle Cloud.

  1. Obtain your cloud account information:
    1. User name and password
    2. Identity domain ID


      If your account administrator has changed the identity domain name, you must still specify the identity domain ID when using the REST API. For example, if the original identity domain name was MyIdentityDomain54321 and it was changed to MyIdentityDomain, you must use MyIdentityDomain54321 in the REST endpoints.
  2. Identify your REST API server name:
    • If you log in to your Oracle cloud account with a US data center, use
    • If you log in to your Oracle cloud account with the aucom region, use
    • Otherwise, use
  3. Use cURL to send a request to the URL https://<rest-server>/paas/api/v1.1/cli/<identitydomain>/client. Write the response to a file named Provide the following information:
    • Your REST API server name
    • Your Oracle cloud user name and password
    • Your identity domain ID (as the HTTP header X-ID-TENANT-NAME and as part of the URL)

    For example:

    curl -X GET -u myuser321:password -H X-ID-TENANT-NAME:MyIdentityDomain54321 -o