psm jcs delete-access-rule

Use this command to delete an access rule for Oracle Java Cloud Service instance.

Rules of type USER can be deleted whereas rules of type DEFAULT or SYSTEM cannot.


psm jcs delete-access-rule -s|--service-name serviceName
  -r|--rule-name ruleName 
    [-of|--output-format json|html|short]
    [-wc|--wait-until-complete true|false]


All parameters are required unless otherwise specified.

Parameter Description
-s|--service-name serviceName Name of the Oracle Java Cloud Service instance.
-r|--rule-name ruleName The name of the access rule you want to delete
-of|--output-format json|html|short (Optional) Output format of the command’s response:

Accepted values: json, html, short

The default output format is the one you specified when using the psm setup command to configure the psm CLI.

-wc|--wait-until-complete true|false

(Optional) A boolean value that, when set to true, makes the command behave synchronously; that is, it does not return until the submitted job is complete. The following message is displayed until the job is complete:
Waiting for the job to complete... (it cannot be cancelled)
Default: false


$ psm jcs delete-access-rule -s ExampleInstance -r ar-test-jcs01 -of json


        "description":"java devlopment kit",