16 psm stack Commands

This chapter describes the PSM CLI commands you can use with the Oracle Cloud Stack Manager.

Category Command
Service Instance

psm stack create- creates a stack instance.

psm stack delete- deletes a stack instance.

psm stack describe- lists the detailed information about an existing stack instance.

psm stack list- lists all stack instances

psm stack resume- resume creation of a stack that was not fully created and then encountered an error during creation and was not rolled back.

psm stack start - starts all resources in a stack.

psm stack stop- stops all resources in a stack.


psm stack delete-template- deletes a stack template.

psm stack describe-template- lists basic information about stack template.

psm stack export-template- exports a stack template.

psm stack get-template- gets the template used to create a stack.

psm stack import-template- Imports a new template or updates an existing template using the YAML format file as input.

psm stack list-templates- lists all templates present in tenant user’s template library.

psm stack validate-templates- validates a stack template (file) before importing it to the cloud.


psm stack activities- displays the activities of the stack instance.

psm stack operation-status- lists detailed information about a stack operation, particularly a stack-creation operation.