Viewing Help for the Command Line Interface

The CLI provides help text for each available command.

Use the help (or h) parameter to:

  • View the available services in your configured cloud account. For example:
    $ psm help
      A command line tool to interact with Oracle Cloud Platform Services (PaaS)
      psm [parameters]
           Oracle Analytics Cloud
      o APICS
           Oracle API Platform Cloud Service
      o APICatalog
           Oracle API Catalog Service
      o BDCSCE
           Oracle Big Data Cloud Service - Compute Edition
      o BOTSCFG
           Oracle Bots Configuration Service
      o BOTSCON
           Oracle Bots Connector Service
      o BOTSINT
           Oracle Bots Intent Service
      o BOTSMGM
           Oracle Bots Management API Service
      o BOTSPIP
           Oracle Bots Pipeline Service
      o BigDataAppliance
           Oracle Big Data Cloud Service
           Oracle Container Cloud Service
      o CXAANA
           Oracle CxA Analytics Service
      o CXACFG
           Oracle CxA Configuration Service
      o CXACOL
           Oracle CxA Collector Service
      o CXAPOD
           Oracle CxA Pod Cloud Service
      o DHCS
           Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service
      o IDCS
           Oracle Identity Cloud Service
      o IDCSControlPlane
           Oracle Identity Cloud Service
      o IOTAssetMon
           Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service
      o IOTConnectedWrker
           Oracle IoT Connected Worker Cloud Service
      o IOTEnterpriseApps
           Oracle Internet of Things Cloud - Enterprise
      o IOTFleetMon
           Oracle IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud Service
      o IOTProdMonitoring
           Oracle IoT Production Monitoring Cloud Service
      o IOTSvcAsset
           Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring CX Cloud Service
      o IntegrationCloud
           Oracle Integration Cloud
      o JaaS
           Oracle Java Cloud Service
      o MobileCCC
           Oracle Mobile Custom Code Container
      o MobileCorePOD
           Oracle Mobile Core POD
      o MySQLCS
           Oracle MySQL Cloud Service
      o OAICS
           Oracle Adaptive Intelligence Applications Offers Cloud Service
      o OEHCS
           Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service - Topics
      o OEHPCS
           Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service - Platform
      o OMCE
           Oracle Mobile Cloud Metering Service
      o SOA
           Oracle SOA Cloud Service
      o VisualBuilder
           Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service
      o accs
           Oracle Application Container Cloud Service
      o caching
           Oracle Application Cache
      o dbcs
           Oracle Database Cloud Service
      o dics
           Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud Service
      o ggcs
           Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service
      o stack
           Oracle Cloud Stack Manager
      o stackvm
           Oracle Stack VM.
  • View the available commands for a service.

    psm jcs help
    psm dbcs help
  • View the available parameters for a specific command along with examples.

    psm jcs create-service help
    psm jcs scale-up help
    psm dbcs start help

For more details on using the help command, see psm help.