Memory Errors Affecting Application Deployment

If you are receiving either PermGen or OutofMemory errors during deployment, you might be able to correct them by using flattened configuration management tools to adjust the Perm or Stack size.

PermGen Errors

If you are encountering PermGen errors during deployment, set the configuration jvm.arg.max.perm.size to a value between 512M (default) and 1024M and restart the instance:
./javacloud  -set-config -name jvm.arg.max.perm.size -value 1024 -identityDomain myIdentityDomain -serviceInstance myServiceInstance -userName myUserName -password myUserPassword 
The minimum and maximum values will be enforced by the tools.

OutofMemory Errors

If you are encountering OutofMemory error during deployments, use the argument jvm.arg.stack.size to reduce the stack size value, thus increasing the availability of heap:

./javacloud  -set-config -name jvm.arg.stack.size -value 256 -identityDomain myIdentityDomain -serviceInstance myServiceInstance -userName myUserName -password myUserPassword 

For minimum and maximum values for this configuration, see Managing Configurations.