Create Alert Rules

The Oracle Application Performance Monitoring administrator can create alert rules from the Alerts Home Page.

Alerts are created for fixed thresholds, anomalies and early warnings for metrics on Pages, AJAX calls, and Server Requests. To create alert rules:
  1. In the Alerts page, click Alert Rules.
  2. Select APM in the Service drop-down to create a rule in Oracle Application Performance Monitoring.
  3. Click Create Alert Rule.
  4. Specify the values for your alert rule.
    1. Specify a Rule Name.
    2. Click Add Description and add a description for the rule.
    3. Click Add Entities. Specify details of the entity in the Add Entities window, select an Entity Type and click Add.
      • Select an entity definition — By Entity Type, By Application, or Individually.

      • If you selected Entity Type, choose one or more types of entity.

        If you selected Application, choose one or more application. This will help you create an alert for an entity of a specific application.

        If you selected Individually, select an entity type and choose one or more entities.

        Click Add All or Add Selected.

      The new entity is listed under Entities. You can add another entity, or edit or delete an entity.
    4. Click Add Condition to specify the trigger for the alert.
    5. In the Add Condition window, choose the condition type and specify the parameters.
      1. Fixed Metric: Fixed metric conditions will trigger warning and/or critical alerts and notifications based on the threshold values you provide in the condition. They will send the alerts when the system detects that the threshold has been crossed for a particular metric on a particular entity.
        • Choose a Metric on which to base the condition.

        • Choose an Operator, specify a Warning Threshold and a Critical Threshold.

        • Specify a time in the Generate alerts when the metric is outside the specified threshold for __ minutes field and click Add.

      2. Anomaly: Anomaly conditions will trigger alerts and related notifications when the system detects anomalous behavior deviations from the historical baseline.
        • Choose a Metric on which to base the condition.

        • Click Add.

      3. Early Warning: Early warning conditions will trigger a warning alert when, based on historical performance, the system predicts the provided threshold will be crossed in the future.
        • Choose a Metric on which to base the condition.

        • Choose an Operator and specify a Warning Threshold.

        • Click Add.

      The condition is listed in the Alert Conditions list. You can add another condition, or edit or delete a condition.
    6. Optionally, provide one or more Email addresses to which email notifications will be sent when the alert gets created.
    7. Optionally, provide one or more User Names to which mobile notifications will be sent when the alert gets created.
  5. Click Save.
Your new alert rule is displayed in the Alert Rules page. If an event that matches the listed specifications occurs, an alert is displayed in the Alerts page. You can click the alert message or the entity in the alert to view details.