About Configuration and Compliance


As of September 2019, no enhancements have been made to this service and this functionality is no longer available to new customers.

Oracle Configuration and Compliance is a cloud-first solution that helps you assess the compliance of your on-premises, cloud, or hybrid cloud environments based on your business objectives.

Oracle Configuration and Compliance automatically assesses, scores, and reports on the compliance posture of your enterprise. If your service level is low, or needs improvement, you can automate remediation at scale.

Here’s how various stakeholders in your organization benefit:

  • Oracle Management Cloud Users benefit from rapid, enterprise-wide assessment snapshots that provide compliance score trending data.

  • Oracle Management Cloud Administrators receive a compliance violation dashboard, this dashboard includes a road map that shows the most severe violations impacting the compliance score.

Your business objectives may be derived from multiple compliance requirements mapped to your IT infrastructure. When you create an assessment template, you can select any combination of supported industry-standard benchmarks, custom rules, or cloud rules, and then execute those standards against the corresponding entities in your enterprise. Oracle Configuration and Compliance consists of the following functional areas:

  • Results consumption and scoring of automated industry-standard benchmarks, such as Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) in the Extensible Configuration Checklist Description Format (XCCDF).

  • Execution of out-of-the box REST-based cloud rules against cloud provider endpoints, such as Oracle Cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Execution and scoring of custom scripts or processes. You can map exit codes or text results to an assessment rule or to violation observations.


For the latest information on Oracle Configuration and Compliance Cloud Service, check My Oracle Support Configuration and Compliance Cloud Service Master Note 2223305.1.