Define Cloud Credentials

You need cloud credentials to access some information from your cloud resources.

For example, Amazon Web Services (AWS), requires access keys and secret keys. Oracle Public Cloud requires a user name, password, and domain ID.


We recommend that you use a credential with read-only access to the resources against which you want to execute cloud rules.

  1. From the main menu, select Administration, and click Cloud Discovery Profiles.

  2. To create a new cloud resource credential, click Add Profile.

  3. Enter the Profile Name and Cloud Service Provider.

  4. Enter the Oracle Identity Domain or Identification Number of another service.

  5. Add the Region and Service.

  6. Select New Credentials, enter a Credential Name and select a Credential Type.

  7. Enter the credentials for your cloud provider, and click Start Discovery.

Configuring credentials creates a row in the discovery table, displaying the discovery status of each credential. The discovery status also displays the number of entities discovered by using the credential.