Before You Begin with Oracle Configuration and Compliance

Here are some basic terms used when discussing Oracle Configuration and Compliance.

Term Definition
Assessment An evaluation of a ruleset against an entity
Assessment template A container defining how and when assessments run
Benchmark A standard or point of reference that entities can be compared against
Cloud rule A check based on REST API
Custom (Script) rule A check based on a host script
Compliance The measurement of how your system meets a security standard
Compliance score A numerical score by which you can measure your system’s compliance
Deviation How your system differs from the accepted standard
Entity A monitored resource such as a database, a host server, a computer resource, or an application server
Entity type The type of monitored resource
Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL) A standard for assessing and reporting the machine state of a computer system
Rule A single check returning zero or more violations
Ruleset A set of rules that run during the execution phase of a compliance assessment
Ruleset-Entity score The score derived from an evaluation of a ruleset against an entity
Ruleset-Entity violations The specific issues discovered during an evaluation of a ruleset against an entity