Preparing to Deploy APM Java Agent on Oracle WebLogic Server

Before you can download and install an APM Java Agent, ensure that you set the values for these variables.

Setting the DOMAIN_HOME Variable

Set the DOMAIN_HOME variable to point to the Oracle WebLogic Server domain.

  • If you're using a Bash shell:

    export DOMAIN_HOME=<WebLogic Server Domain>

  • If you're using a C shell:

    setenv DOMAIN_HOME "<WebLogic Server Domain>"

Deploying the Gateway (Optional)

Gateway is not a mandatory component while deploying Oracle Application Performance Monitoring. Use the Gateway in the following scenarios:
  • If you have an application server that does not support Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol 1.2

  • If you have older versions of .NET IIS servers and Java Application Servers with JDK less than 1.7 (for example, Oracle WebLogic 10.3.6)

For instructions on how to deploy the Gateway, see Installing a Gateway.

Setting the Gateway Variables (Optional)

Set the values for Gateway host and port.

  • If you're using a Bash shell:

    export GW_HOST=<Gateway Host Name>
    export GW_PORT=<Gateway Port>
  • If you're using a C shell:

    setenv GW_HOST "<Gateway Host Name>"
    setenv GW_PORT "<Gateway Port>"