Typical Workflow for Adding Entities

This section lists the tasks that you must perform to add entities to Oracle Management Cloud.

Task More Information

Prerequisite: Set up your service

Before you begin, ensure that you’ve completed the following tasks to set up your Oracle Management Cloud service such as Oracle Infrastructure Monitoring or Oracle Log Analytics:

  • You must have a valid subscription to the Oracle Management Cloud service you want to use. For example, if you want to use Oracle Infrastructure Monitoring to monitor entities, you must purchase and enable the Oracle Management Cloud – Standard or Oracle Management Cloud – Enterprise license editions. For information on license editions, see:
  • You must install agents to collect data from entities that you want to manage and monitor from Oracle Management Cloud. See Workflow for Installing Oracle Management Cloud Agents in Installing and Managing Oracle Management Cloud Agents.

For detailed information on setting up your Oracle Management Cloud service, see the sections listed under Documentation in Related Resources.

Once you add the required entities, you can edit or delete them later as per your requirement.

Add entities

You can add the required entities to Oracle Management Cloud using one of the following methods:

Perform Oracle Management Cloud service-specific tasks

See Oracle Management Cloud Service-Specific Tasks to Complete Entity Addition.