Configure Capacity Thresholds for Your Environment

As an Oracle Management Cloud administrator, you can configure the high and low resource utilization threshold values (in percentage) for critical resources across your environment.

You can configure the threshold values for the following resources:
  • Host CPU
  • Host Memory
  • Host Storage
  • Exadata Storage
  • Exadata IOPS

By default, the high and low values are set at 75% and 25%, respectively. You can modify these values, if required. When you modify, you can view the updated data in the scatter chart for CPU, memory, and storage; in your time-series plots; and in your Trend and Forecast charts.

Based on the actual usage of these critical resources (CPU, memory, storage, and IOPS), over a defined period of time, ITA forecasts when these resources will reach their utilization threshold values (high or low) in the next 30, 90, 180, and 180+ days. This information will help you derive insights and take appropriate actions to maximize resource performance.

To modify the capacity thresholds:
  1. From Oracle IT Analytics navigation menu, click IT Analytics Admin, and then click IT Analytics Settings.

    Figure 2-1 IT Analytics Settings Page

    Description of Figure 2-1 follows
    Description of "Figure 2-1 IT Analytics Settings Page"

    Alternatively, from the Oracle Management Cloud Console navigation pane, click Administration, click IT Analytics Admin, and then click IT Analytics Settings.

  2. In the Utilization Thresholds section of the IT Analytics Settings page, modify the high (between 75 and 100) and low (between 0 and 25) values for the applicable resources.
  3. Time Ranges for Reaching Utilization Thresholds: Enable this option if you want to view the number of database systems that are forecasted to reach high resource utilization threshold in the next 365+ days. You can view the details in the Overview page of the Database Resource Analytics application. See Analyze Database Resource Usage.
  4. In the Trend and Forecast section, specify the following details:
    • Forecast Period: Specify the period in days. You can use a value between 1 and 366. The default value is 30.

    • Confidence (%): Specify the confidence level, which indicates the percentage of confidence that future values of resource utilization are expected to fall within the estimated high and low capacity thresholds. For example, a 95% of confidence interval indicates that 95 out of 100 forecasted points are expected to fall within the high-low range.

    You can set these parameters to use the default values for interactive trend and forecast in the different ITA applications.

  5. In the Time Percentile section, specify the following details:
    • Time Series Percentile: Specify the value to indicate the resource utilization for a time period. If you are computing the daily resource usage, the time series percentile represents the value of the metric data points of all the resources, collected in a day. A time series percentile value of 95 indicates the value below which 95% of the data points are found.

    • Time Range Percentile: Click Advanced, and then specify the percentile value of resource utilization on a daily or hourly basis. This value is used to compute the aggregate resource usage. For example, if you want to arrive at a single data point for current CPU utilization for the last 30 days with the time range percentile value set at 90, then this value represents the 90th percentile value of the CPU usage metric data collected in the last 30 days.

  6. Click Save.
You can use these threshold values to generate alerts based on the alert rules you define.