About Oracle IT Analytics Roles and Users

If you’re a new customer and have purchased an Oracle Management Cloud license edition such as Standard edition or Enterprise edition, then after the instance is created, the following roles are provisioned:
  • Oracle Management Cloud <instance name> Administrator

  • Oracle Management Cloud <instance name> User

For more information about the tasks that users assigned the above roles can perform, see Add Users and Assigning Roles in Getting Started with Oracle Management Cloud.

However, if you’re an existing customer and you’ve purchased the standalone Oracle IT Analytics service, then the following roles are created:

Role Tasks

Oracle IT Analytics Administrator

Set up, enable, and manage Oracle IT Analytics on entities.

See Manage Entities Using the Administration Console in Working with Oracle Management Cloud.

Oracle IT Analytics User


The Oracle IT Analytics Administrator can create users and assign one of the Oracle IT Analytics roles to the newly created users. See Managing User Accounts and Managing User Roles in Managing and Monitoring Oracle Cloud.