NLP Command

Use the nlp command to apply natural language processing algorithms to a text field.


nlp [<nlp_options>] <cluster_function> | <keywords_function> [as <new_field_name>]


The following table lists the parameters used in this command, along with their descriptions.

Parameter Description


Syntax: [category = <category>] [wordcount = <count>] [table = <dictionary>] [similarity = <similarity_value>]


Syntax: cluster(<field>)

Generate semantic clusters from a text field.


Syntax: keywords(<field>)

Extract keywords from a text field.

For examples of using this command in typical scenarios, see:

Generate semantic clusters from Cluster Sample text field. Extract up to 3 verbs from each Cluster Sample, and form a cluster only when there is a 75% match. If the table parameter is omitted, then the default dictionary NLP General Dictionary is used.

* | link cluster() 
    | nlp category = verb wordcount = 3 
          table = 'My NLP Dictionary' 
          similarity = 0.75 cluster('Cluster Sample') 
          as 'Semantic Cluster ID'

Extract keywords from Cluster Sample text field:

* | link cluster() 
| nlp keywords('Cluster Sample') as 'Cluster Keywords'