Delete Uploaded Log Files

Upon completing an upload of the on-demand log data, you can view the summary of uploads and verify the file status. If, in case you notice that the file upload failed, you can delete the single failed file and upload it again.

  1. From Oracle Log Analytics, click the OMC Navigation (open menu icon) icon on the top left corner of the interface.
    In the OMC Navigation bar, click Administration Home.
  2. In the Oracle Log Analytics Configuration page, click the available count of uploads link in the Uploads section.
    This displays the latest 500 on-demand uploads and the summary of the files successful, failed, or in-progress counts.

    If required, click the refresh icon in the top-right corner of the display to refresh the summary of uploads.

  3. To delete an on-demand upload, click the check box next to the upload name. To delete multiple on-demand uploads, click the corresponding check boxes. Click Delete.
  4. To delete a file in an on-demand upload, click the upload name.

    This displays the list of files that were uploaded in the specified upload. You can view the status of the upload of each file adjacent to the file name.

    To delete a file, click the Open Menu (open menu icon) icon adjacent to the file name entry and select Delete.